The coming 100 days I am going to challenge myself to do something courageous everyday that will get me one step closer to earning a living with Camp Bluff. I want to set an example and practise what I preach. Follow and support my journey on Facebook

Bio: Anne | 23 | BA: Creative Marketing graduate
Honours Student | Interned @ Flow Magazine | Lived in three different countries | Fluent in Dutch & English | Ambitious, Innovative, Driven |

I quit my Marketing/Communications job late December as I wasn’t at all in my element there. I realised I wasn’t following my purpose. It was a tough decision to quit but a very empowering one. Camp Bluff, the platform I started during my graduation project is where my heart lies. I want to start a positive revolution among young people because I see and hear that too many are scared to get started on their dreams. We’ve lost a sense of experimentation because we’re obsessed with perfection. Our education systems and the media have played a significant role on many of our mindsets; they made us feel small! It’s time to show them what we’re made of and what we have to offer the world.

I am driven to inspire & help young creative people to discover how to be their best selves and to make their dream entrepreneurial projects, big or small a reality. It’s all about courage and learning from misteaks. I care because life is short and regrets suck big time! I want to invest my skills and my time in this revolution, I will have to support myself financial along the away.

I want to make a living from the things:
1. I love doing: Coaching people, giving presentations, doing interviews, blogging and photographing
2. Am good at: Making people feel like they can take on the world again
3. The world needs: More people who lead meaningful and fulfilled lives

You can invest in my social enterprise Camp Bluff by hiring me as a personal development coach, workshop giver (networking, creative job hunting, purpose driven careers etc) presenter, photographer (Anne Hospers Photography) or consultant. E-mail me for more information: I believe my talents can be put to better use than to be cleaning toilets or making coffees. I want to make the world a better place while getting by, making rent and paying the bills.

[100 days of Courage
DAY 1/100: Ask for help in a big way]

You can het involved in any way you want, big or small! You’ll gain a place on my ‘Ambassadors of Courage Wall’: on PM me, E-mail me ( or leave a message below with any relevant freelance jobs, commissions, sponsors, subsidy tips, gigs, collaborations, other tips & tricks, contacts, advisors, mentors… You name it!
I’m curious what the next 100 days will bring. LET’S GET STARTED TODAY! And see what the power of a network can bring forth. #‎courageiscontagious‬

Sharing is welcome of course!