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100 Days of Courage – The Learnings

May 5, 2016

The Learnings

I spent 100 days focussing on doing courageous acts to move myself towards being a fulltime entrepreneur. I want to share with you the what this project brought me and what I would do differently next time.

Stretching the Comfort Zone

The biggest thing that I gained from this project was that I did become more courageous. I trained myself to do things even when my voice was trembling, I was hovering over the send button or when I was filled with butterflies. By consequently carrying out these daily acts of courage I felt like I was broadening my comfort zone. By getting things done faster, there was less time for stressing and worrying. Besides, pushing myself made me feel good as I was experiencing growth.



Room to Move

I jumped into this project without making a plan. This was wonderful as I had room to explore and experiment. On the other hand, next time I would set a clearer goal and create a list of things that I’d want to accomplish. Some days my act of courage didn’t feel so significant or so relevant. That brings me to another learning point, I realized that the path to fulltime entrepreneurship isn’t about big leaps of courage everyday, it has a lot to do with focus and consistency. Through my experiments the past few months, I have a much clearer idea of what I want to do for work. I have two focus points now instead of the many I had before.


The first weeks I shared my courageous acts on Facebook but I realized I didn’t like sharing those vulnerable posts with the public or at all on Facebook. That kind of personal spotlight wasn’t at all my thing. I liked the idea of being held accountable but Facebook wasn’t the right outlet for me. When I scroll through my Instagram and see the online influencers posting their selfies, breakfast pics and their neighbourhood’s cherry blossom trees, I know that I don’t want a life like that ever. One that’s filled with over-exposure and a lack of privacy. I like the idea of being a positive influence but the show-pony part of it doesn’t fit my personality.

The Milestones

During the 100 days I:

-organised two Camp Bluff meet-ups
-sent my first four figure freelance invoice
-had my first international shoot in France
-had my first paid commercial portrait shoot
-got photos published in two small magazines
-recorded a pitch video and went on stage for a entrepreneurship event
-made it to at least the semi’s of my uni’s entrepreneurship awards (will hear in 2 days if I’m in the final)
-interviewed some really interesting people
-had my first Camp Bluff workshop for students and newly grads about personal branding and passion projects.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.25.52 am

Five Learnings

  1. When you’re pushing yourself everyday, you improve your courage muscles
  2. Make a clear end goal for yourself (which you can adjust along the way)
  3. Find a way to share your stuff in a way to fits with your personality
  4. Realise that not everyday contains a big courageous moment
  5. Enjoy the ride and don’t be too hard on yourself.

The Next Step

Personal projects are my thing, at the moment I’m working on my new project which is all about meta-learning (learning how to learn). Besides this, with my new found focus I am continuing to work towards fulltime entrepreneurship with my portrait and lifestyle photography and with Camp Bluff workshops and coaching.

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    Well done Anne! Keep up the inspiring spirit 🙂

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    You’re my inspiration <3

    xx Pipi

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