At Camp Bluff we mix inspiration + creativity + entrepreneurialism in our teachings to help students and graduates realize their dream personal projects. We’re a travelling school, community and online platform that believes that ‘Courage is Contagious’. We’re all about asking the hard questions and encourage jumping in the deep end to get started on the things that make us feel alive!

This platform was created in the summer of 2015, born out of our own desires to create more personal guidance for young people, supporting them to live fully, with no regrets.


For who?
-Students and newly grads who feel stuck and feel they could do much more than what school
offers them. People who want to take back authority over their lives and live it, to the fullest (in the way that fits them).

What we do?
-Give paid workshops and motivational talks (At schools and organisations) 
-Offer personal coaching to young people
-Bluff Journal: Interview inspiring people

Our Interests
-Personal Development

-Purpose Driven Careers
-Alternative Education




Founder | Anne Hospers

Anne is very passionate about Camp Bluff because she feels that this platform and community can really change lives for the better in a small or big way! She wants to create that which she did not have growing up – a cool community to discover and realise the life you wanna live. “Life is too short to have regrets!”
She loves things that are soulful, things that are authentic, people that inspire. She has a great love for learning and gets excited by beautiful photography (check out her Pinterest
) and hearing people tell their stories. Starting out as the Editor-in-Chief of her high school’s annual Magazine she later become an assistant at the Internationally successful Flow Magazine during her studies in Media, Information and Communication.

As a child she wanted to become a fashion designer, before she realised that the precision and the patience needed for that occupation didn’t fit with her talents. Her love for design and creative exploration is still present however and she likes to photograph in her own time – see portfolio. She has lived in three different countries and can’t wait to live in more. Ohh, and she’s obsessed with quotes and mood boards. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 7.26.54 pm

Graphic Designer | Rosan Pelt

20 year old multidisciplinary Graphic Designer based in Rotterdam. Drawing palmtrees everywhere you don’t want them to be. She likes trying out new things and is always experimenting with new materials and techniques. When she isn’t designing you can find her on the basketball court playing ball.

What is her motivation to design for Camp Bluff? “Camp Bluff is exactly the platform that young creative women like me are looking for. It gives you more opportunities to share, meet and learn from other talented people. So you are not alone when you leave school. I love girlpower,creating things together and wanted to catch that in an identity for Camp Bluff.