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Tea Cup 3 with Nina

August 6, 2015


NINA JANSSENS (24) | Author, Midden-Drenthe

Our Connection: I came across Nina’s book project earlier this year on LinkedIn, one of my connections had joined Nina’s discussion group, Graduated and Now What, I wanted to know more. That exact question had crossed my mind, plenty of times. I checked out her site, purchased her book and decided I wanted to interview her for Camp Bluff. I sent her an e-mail and luckily she was happy to participate.

What intrigued me about her project was that she had decided to self-publish a book for graduates starting out on the job market. There were little, to no, recently published books on the matter in Dutch; even though youth unemployment is not uncommon here among the well educated. I was curious about the answers she had found by interviewing 28 young professionals.

“I made use of the extra time I had during my job-hunt period and wrote a book. It is a fantastic thing to show during job interviews. Invest in yourself, that is one of the most important things I have learnt!”

 Nina, what would be your ultimate tip for job-hunters? Stay busy, don’t passively sit on the couch and wait for things to come your way. Try and discover what you are really passionate about. If you are still studying, start researching which jobs are out there, and which businesses you would like to work for.

Did you discover what you love doing for work, during this book project? Yes, I have a much better idea now than I did whilst still studying. I realized that I would love to work in the Communications sector, writing texts as well as planning and organizing projects.

 Can you tell me about a “bluff moment” you’ve had; a time that you jumped into the deep end, and took a leap of faith?  The first two interviews I had with young professionals for the book were definitely a bit daunting. But from the third one onwards, I was fine.

For the book I also took the time to interview the Dutch politician Mirjam Sterk, regarding her role as the ambassador for tackling youth unemployment. I was quite nervous for that interview, wanting to be really sure I had chosen good questions to ask. 

There might be an opportunity in the pipeline, to appear on national television as a panel guest, it seems intimidating now, but I’ll do it anyway.

Some of Camp Bluff’s readers are not Dutch, for those who cannot read your book, could you write down a piece of advice for graduates busy job-hunting?


Dutchies: Nina’s very helpful book can be purchased here

Series: 30 Cups of Tea – The Job Hunt Project 

I want to see if I can get a bill paying, degree related (B. Media, Information and Communication) job in the Rotterdam area, The Netherlands within the following 30 days. Just in time, before I’m no longer officially a student and the government cuts financial ties. I will drink tea with 30 different Marketing/Communications professionals to bring me one step closer to a paid contract. Each professional will bring me in contact with someone outside of my own network. Let the challenge begin!

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