Individual Work Sessions

Do you recognise the feeling that you want to be doing more cool things? But you can’t seem to get started or stick with executing the ideas into something you’re proud of? That’s where I come in.

campbluff_anneI’m Anne and I help ambitious young people to discover what great project they want to start and help them get great things made. Using the interview techniques I learned as a Journalist, I am able to ask the difficult questions as well as help create ideas & solutions to get your ideas off the ground. With my extensive network I can connect you the right people to make the project a success.

When hiring me, you will gain a greater sense of clarity and more tools to help create progress on your exciting new project (big or small).

I charge 60€ per hour of consulting or 199€ for a package of four one hour sessions.


Online via Skype
At an inspiring location ( Travelling costs will be additional)

My Background
-I have completed three of my own great projects ( 30 Cups of Tea, Truth or Dare & 100 Days of Courage)
-I have a Bachelors Degree in Media, Information & Communication specializing in Creative Marketing & Journalism
-Followed a Marketing & International Management Honours Programme
– I have had successful sessions with a number of people
– I am a big reader so I am up to date with the latest information from the fields of psychology, creativity and entrepreneurship


Robin van Tilborg / 4th year Student – International Event Management

“Het gesprek met Anne heeft mij nog beter na laten denken welke kant ik op wil na het afstuderen. Daarnaast was de opdracht die zij gaf erg leuk en actief. Het gesprek heeft mij gemotiveerd om actie ondernemen.”

Manuëla Zorgdrager / 4th year Student – International Event Management

“Ik heb meer motivatie en vertrouwen gekregen na de workshop, het was goed voor je zelfvertrouwen. Je wordt aan het nadenken gezet zonder grenzen wat helpt om je na te denken over je echte dromen. In je achterhoofd zit nog steeds het feit dat werk vinden als je net afgestudeerd bent, moeilijk blijft maar je ziet na de workshop meer mogelijkheden.”

Nadine Klifman / Owner FLNRS: Creative Studio

“I shared my thoughts for what later became FLNRS live. with Anne. She was very enthusiastic about the idea from the get go, which resulted in me believing in the concept of DIY Meetings a lot more. She really wanted to see me make my concept come to life. Through her initiative, we spent an afternoon in Utrecht brainstorming and creating an initial plan together. In November 2015, I launched my first event in Enschede, DIY Meetings for Young Creatives. In 2016 we plan to have a new meet-up every quarter.

Anne gave me the shove in the right direction and was able to help me reassure me in a way that made some perceived obstacles disappear. We called a number of times to talk about the progression of the plans. Besides this we were able to inspire each other with new articles, great books and cool blogs.”

Celeste Waanders / Junior Legal Counsel – Rijkdienst van Ondernemend Nederland

“When I came back from my travels overseas, I searched for a legal job and Anne was the one who guided me during this process. I had approached her because I knew she’s great with creative marketing. I wasn’t looking to apply for jobs in a traditional sense but to do something that would really stand out to potential employers. Anne quickly helped identify what I was looking for in a job, what my possibilities were, what motivated me in my work and she acknowledged my strengths. This gained my trust and made the process easier. She helped create a concept for a great promo video that I would send to potential employers and share via social media. It was a pleasure working with her, I have no hesitation in recommending Anne to anyone who would like help with their personal branding.”

To book a session or for more information contact me: