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Young Entrepreneur: Isabelle Laydier

December 20, 2015

Freelance Graphic Designer
+ Creative director 3petitspoints Magazine

Paris, France

Isabelle is a young woman that inspires me with her beautiful graphic design and her lovely sense of style. In this Camp Bluff interview we talked about her creative confidence, the 3petitspoints beginnings, her great love for illustration and her dreams for the future. She talked to me on a Sunday morning through Skype, from her cute room in Paris with her cat giving a little cameo as well. 

IMG_1981How we met?
Isabelle and I have never met in person. In 2011 when I was living in Paris, I came across her work on the photography platform Flickr. I saw that a photographer that I admired, Tamara Lichtenstein, had been featured in Isa’s 3petitspoints magazine. I sent Isa a message because I loved her webzines and the graphic design was fantastic. We exchanged a few e-mails and kept in contact through Instagram and Facebook the past five years.

theme-1445877109She is working on getting a hard copy book published titled Girls, Girls, Girls through crowdfunding. The publications will contain many lovely interviews, fashion shoots and illustrations created by a group of women from all four corners of the globe. Time to finally meet through video skype…

Currently she works fulltime as a graphic designer at a publishing company called Sopress where they work on magazines about football and society.

3petitspoints magazine initially started out as a way of showcasing her design skills for potential employers. But she loved the process so much that she created nine editions and later made an online platform.


Now hopefully a 230 page book will emerge. 

“I started in 2011 with 3petitspoints. After I graduated and gained my diploma I wanted to show some personal work to design/ad agencies. I already had a notebook full of artist names and what they did, so I could reference them. I was curious to learn more about these artists about their visions and their work. “

“No! I wasn’t hesitant to e-mail them because if you never do anything, you’ll never get it anything. If the artists wouldn’t answer, it’s really was not the end of the world.”

How would you describe your style?
Whimsical, dreamy, a mixture of both
minimalism and kitsch.

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Why a book only containing female artists?
I really wanted to work with a theme. There are many artists these days that work with feminisms. In my previous editions I featured both men and women but for this first book I want to focus on female artists.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned during the 3petitspoints project?
I am quite a shy person, by having bought people together with fashion shoots I have come out of my shell more.

What excites you about this project?
That I am bringing people together, sort of creating my own universe and making something special and tangible.

What is you dream for your working life?
To have my own studio along with some friends. I would love to spend less time commuting to work, one hour in the metro every morning can be a little tiring. I would collaborate with some of the friends that I’ve worked with on this book project. I would definitely work on projects within the art and fashion worlds.

Which artists do you admire the most?
First of all illustrators, because I really love this art form, I love seeing new techniques being used.


If you had to give some advice to younger self, at the age you started 3petitspoints, what would it be? 
Start with approaching commercial parties and grow that network.

Do you have any last tips, a good piece of advice that you want to share?
I know it’s cliché but make time for what you love! I still have to raise 13.000 euro for my crowdfunding project that ends in a few weeks. So If I manage to do that… I am sure I have some extra good advice for readers.

What would you say to people who want to follow in your footsteps, people that also have fulltime jobs?
You always have time, it’s more a matter of planning well and maybe sleeping a few hours less sometimes. It really is possible to do a side project, go for it!

What is a good life in your eyes?
For me it’s all about love; loving who you are, who you’re with and where you are. It’s not wanting to flee from the present moment, just loving it right now.

>>You can now buy Isa’s book here 

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