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Tunnel Vision: It’s Not in Our Vocabulary

January 29, 2016

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  

Creative Director                 Editor-in-chief 


Photos by Merel Daantje

Our Meeting in the Amsterdam
Recently I came across the Instagram feed of the creative duo THE VIEW CONCEPTS. I didn’t think long before I contacted them by e-mail. I was intrigued, who these young women were that re-posted many of the pictures that I also collected on my Pinterest. What were these young women doing with their lives? How did they put their sense of style and curation to use?

On a Thursday afternoon I planned to meet up with Flora and Gabriela in the center of Amsterdam. I walked up the stairs to Flora’s studio, close to Anne Frank’s house in a charming area of the Dutch capital. I felt at home straightaway in her beautifully decorated room. The girls were welcoming and it didn’t feel like a meeting with complete strangers.

I stayed for a couple of hours and we chatted about their growing business, open-mindedness, living and breathing work and their identity within the Amsterdam fashion scene.

THE VIEW CONCEPTS consists of two young women who met through former boyfriends at a party. The men knew that Flora and Gab would get along very well and they weren’t wrong.

Where it all began…
In Nijmegen (a city in the centre of the Netherlands), they started vintage sales and clothing swap events that became a hit with local fashionistas. Through that, they started creating a following. From the get go, they had their online platform with stories about society. Local businesses caught on to their events and asked if they could bring their concepts to existing markets. 

View Concepts

After another very cold, long, windy day at a local market they uttered the words to each other: “Let’s stop doing markets and figure out how we can do more next-level work.” Now they have evolved into a more commercial creative duo in the world of fashion, with Flora and Gab combining their respective expertise, concept development and creative writing. Flora is the Creative Director and Gab, the Editor in Chief, with their business they want to share, inspire and co-create. Triggering people to think about certain subjects, offering new insights and creating connection with society. They now operate from Amsterdam, where they both reside. They work on the company, mostly in the evenings and weekends alongside their jobs in fashion. They have been able to focus more on the business and dropping a few hours at their regular jobs as the assignments have picked up. 

Inspired by beautiful, captivating but also peculiar things in (a changing) society, they transform their view on current affairs into to text and concepts. Their territory? Branding & marketing, styling & photography, event production, product launches as well as commercial & creative writing. Gabriela adds they are now very clear on what they stand for. This process of identity forming took a bit of time.

They now work for Dutch fashion brands and collectives, creating beautiful publications for launches, creating disruptive concepts for environmental events as well as impressing clients with their styling skills for shoots.

View ConcI chatted to the girl’s about their life motto’s and beliefs…
Gabriela finds peace in that everything happens for a reason.

Flora believes that everything is possible and that we have the authority to make things happen. She reflects on the past years and that they have discovered things along the way, that their core vision has remained the same but the type of projects they have worked on have evolved.

The worries
As a creative soul, Flora explains that her mind can sometimes be on overdrive but that she has learnt to create space to think and like what Gab said, “Have faith that things will work out.” She says that she no longer preoccupies herself with trying to think about getting to appointments weeks in advance because that type of worrying really gets her nowhere. “The silly thing was, I would go a little crazy with worrying and something would happen, that allowed me to get a ride or an appointment got moved. It’s nice to have let some of those pointless worries go!”

Flora gets a lot of energy from, working with many different people, creating many different ideas together. Recently they met up with their team of online contributing editors and she explains that this was so much fun!

The girls explain that they love working on THE VIEW CONCEPTS and that they sometimes forget to eat, that at 8pm, they still haven’t thought about dinner.

They wake up thinking about their work and think up cool ideas while biking around the city. The live and breathe their company.



They share some great lessons:

  1.  You don’t need to have everything figured out before you start because everything evolves also in respect to what the market is after
  2. Stay true to who you are, let that shine through in your work
  3. Be open about who you get new clients/ collaboration tips from, our older male neighbour recently gave us a great tip for a photographer
  4. Form a great team around you of people that give critical yet supportive feedback

Interested in this duo’s latest projects and latest online articles on interesting societal topics (Dutch), check out: http://www.theviewconcepts.com

Follow their amazing feed on Instagram

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